Cloud Computing Demystified

March 7, 2019 Off By Guillermo Bonepart

There is a new term that is blazing in the world of IT; cloud computing. While the term is gaining more and more momentum many people are still unsure as to what the heck it is.

Basically cloud computing is the overall management and overall provisions of colocation data center, information, and data center management as a service. These services will often be provided on a consumption based model and more times than not they will be provided via the Internet.

What cloud computing does is offer a more convenient way to access certain computing services and disaster recovery services. These services are made available without having to install any hardware at the physical location of a person’s computer. Because of this, computers will be able to run faster as there will be more free space available on the hard drive as no dedicated software is taking up space.

You are more than likely using cloud computing on a daily basis without realizing it. If you use Gmail, HotMail, or Yahoo Mail you are involved with cloud computing. That’s because there is no hardware or software that you have to install on your machine to be able to use the service. Instead you log on to the mail service’s server and conduct your e-mailing business from there.

Lately there have been more and more companies coming out with ways in which to use cloud computing. One of the more notable companies to do so is none other than Microsoft. In November of last year, Microsoft announced the newly available Windows Azure Platform which is a consumption based online computing service that will provide web tools to businesses.

Though many businesses are still reluctant to adopt these computing methods more are reforming with every passing day. Those that are still holding out cite the concern of Internet outages and security issue as the main reasons. But as cloud computing catches fire and the implementation gets better, these issues will eventually become a thing of the past.

In the end it will be you the consumer who dictates what businesses do with cloud computing. But really it makes perfect sense to go in the direction of online computing. If you are a business owner and you have ten people with ten computers, is it easier to buy software for all ten people or is it easier for them to all be able to go the cloud computing route and use the same application? Add to that how computing in the cloud will ease the troubles when you have to add more employees and more computers and it is a winning proposition.

With this type of computing there will be no more need to buy and install software as the user will be able to ‘rent’ any software that is needed on a demand basis. This will allow for a faster running computer that has more space on the hard drive and less programs present that are no longer needed. While cloud computing may now just be a buzz word, going forward it will likely become the wave of the future and dictate the way that both businesses and individuals share applications and other information online.